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At Reverb Wellness, we’re not only passionate about high-quality hemp, but making cannabis education accessible for all. Whether you’re simply interested in growing plants or you’re preparing to enter the marketplace, our team combines decades of skill and experience to help get you started and keep you going.  Click the button below to reserve your spot in class.

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  • Grow in Living Soil

    Harness the power of nature to grow healthy, clean, and resinous plants with nothing more than soil, compost, and water. Take a deep dive into design & buildout, soil science & composting, companion crops & IPM, fermented plant juices & JADAM, sourcing genetics & keeping mothers, plant anatomy & the biosynthesis of oleoresins, and much more.

  • Extract & Process Without Solvents

    Properly harvesting and preserving plants and their resins in a clean and safe manner is an ancient art. In this section trimming, air drying, cryotrimming, and freeze drying are discussed before moving into solventless extraction where students learn how to remove and purify cannabinoids and terpenes without the use of chemical solvents.

  • Formulate, Create, & Infuse

    We teach you how to infuse oleoresins into multiple mediums using both heat and sound. After infusion, we share our methods to make everything from gummies & vapes to topicals & drinks. Proper dosing, testing, and food safe production practices are covered in depth before concluding with label interpretation and methods of use.

  • The History of Cannabis

    It is important to understand the rich history of human-cannabis interaction in order to appreciate where things currently stand. In this section, we briefly travel through time and look at the many important roles cannabis has played in effecting life on this planet. Local, state, and federal laws are covered so that students gain a more clear understanding of how legal matters can affect personal production of both food and medicine.

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