Company History

Decades of experience in manufacturing and product development

Reverb Wellness is a small vertically integrated company whose goal is to reshape the hemp industry by creating clean, effective, and affordable hemp products using nothing more than temperature, pressure, and sound. We have decades of experience in cultivation, processing, product formulation, education, and healthcare. Our diverse backgrounds, experience with botanicals, and shared vision form the foundation of everything that we do.

Our Team


CEO & Co-Founder

With a passion for cannabis and a love for nature and its many remedies. His involvement in the hemp industry started about 4 years ago when he was part of one of the first licensed hemp manufacturing companies in Ohio and has been involved with creating multiple product formulation that many hemp and cannabis brands on the market use today. Before that, Josh was always curious about different plants and their potential health benefits, eventually going out of his way to learn more about how they could quickly be substituted for many pharmaceutical drugs today. Through research and development Josh knew that staying as natural to the plant as possible would be the best foundation for his formulations. That is when his experience formulating caught the attention of his partner Leo Debevc who they both felt had a very similar mindset.

At the beginning of 2022, Josh and Leo started Reverb Wellness to bring naturally crafted hemp products and extracts to the hemp industry in hopes of reducing the need for hydrocarbon-based extractions that leave massive carbon footprints on the environment. They quickly realized that there was a void when it came to solventless extraction techniques and naturally crafted hemp products, so they made the decision to bring their 25 years of expertise in product development, extraction, and cultivation to the hemp industry where they want to create natural, chemical free products that everyone can enjoy.


CoO & Co-Founder

Born in Houston and raised in Northeast Ohio, Leo attended Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University where he studied civil engineering and later moved to Florida to pursue a degree in nursing from St. Petersburg College. Throughout nursing school, Leo became familiar with cannabis and inadvertently gained an in-depth education in large scale cultivation and extraction which he eventually put behind him to return to Ohio to care for his terminally ill mother. After graduating nursing school, he was randomly invited by a friend to fill in and teach weekends classes at the Cleveland School of Cannabis which lead to a full-time position as Director of Faculty and Curricular Development. His exposure at the school not only broadened his knowledge in cannabis but also his newly found skill set in extraction to the point where he was approached with a position as State Training Manager for Curaleaf.

Once Leo moved on from his position at Curaleaf, he was involved with a startup company in Ohio to acquire a hemp processing license when the program became active. Unfortunately, that start up dissolved which is when Leo and Josh crossed paths. Based on their common ethos and ability to work together and communicate effectively it became apparent that a partnership was inevitable. In 2022 they formed Reverb Wellness with a collective skill set of over 25 years of cannabis and healthcare experience.


Director of Outreach & Diversity Equity Inclusion

Tim Lewis, a dedicated Outreach Director & founding partner at Rid-All Farms, is a passionate advocate for community, sustainability, and equity. His rich experience spanning over a decade has allowed him to play a crucial role in educating underserved communities about agriculture, leaving a lasting impact within academic institutions like Central State and beyond. Guided by the legacies of visionary mentors Damien Forshe and Dave “Dr. Greenhead” Hester, co-founders, Tim carries their ideals as a torchbearer. As the Director of Equity, Inclusion & Outreach at Reverb Wellness, he continues on his sustainable journey, forging deep connections between agriculture and regenerative botanical spaces. Through his initiative, Pound 4 Profit, Tim plants seeds of hope, offering exonerees invaluable resources that ignite optimism for their future journeys. Each day, he strives to embody the love and assistance that every individual seeks at some point in life, providing support during times of need.


Our Extraction Facility

Our facility is situated on the border of Akron, Ohio and the Cuyahoga National Park. We use solventless extraction and infusion methods to create products that replicate the plants natural profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, and terpenoids. Since our extraction techniques use nothing more than variations in temperature, pressure, and sound we are able to preserve each cultivars natural chemotype without using harmful chemical solvents or supercritical processes that degrade certain properties of the plant.

Our Garden

Consistently producing award winning hemp flower requires a well engineered and constructed facility. Our indoor grow is a carbon copy of a state of the art medical marijuana cultivation site. The only difference being that the level of THC in our plants is below 0.3%. Whether we require CBD, CBDv, CBC, CBG, or THCv our indoor grow is able to keep us in steady supply of award winning hemp flower year round.

What's at our core

Our Values


The book of Reverb is wide open. We take every chance to spread the word about our methods and we inspire others to think differently about how hemp and food is grown and processed.


Careful calculation, measurement, and judgement are necessary to produce the consistent results that our clients have come to expect. Whatever your demand, Reverb Wellness can deliver.


Reverb Wellness Exists to shine a guiding light for both our clients and peers. Our innate code of ethics is strong, and we hope that these qualities spread to all we cross paths with.


In everything that we do, we strive to close loops and find creative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle what we consume and produce in an effort to minimize our environmental footprint.

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