Hand Trimming

Some argue that there is no substitute for hand trimmed flower. Hand trimmed flower results in a more thorough trim, more attractive (and unique) buds, and a higher potency because of both the reduced fan leaf leaves and careful handling of covered buds.

Our skilled crew is available on short notice to buck and manicure dried plants into beautiful smokable flower.

Cryo Trimming

This process allows us to trim and manicure flower in shorter periods of time than hand trimming, making it much easier and more cost effective to bring large amounts of beautiful bud to market. Additionally, cold temperatures and quick processing times help to preserve terpenes.

Freeze Drying

Freeze drying is a technique commonly used to preserve perishable foods through dehydration. In this way we eliminate practically all the moisture contained in the product and thus preserve it for longer.

Freeze dried flower provides the highest bag appeal and smoothest smoking/vaping experience possible. Freeze dried flower retains many of the terpenes and vibrant colors that are present in fresh flowers.


Our Farm

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